Friday, December 7, 2012

Let it begin!

Merry-Happy-Joyous Whatever, folks! I'm an equal opportunity celebrator as long as cookies, drinks and good food are involved. If presents factor in, I'm doubly on board!

So far for this year I'm mostly ahead of the game. Shopping is 95% done. The tree is up and all the decorations (that are getting out) are out. The Christmas cards are started. The baking is starting to happen. On one hand I don't want to do it too soon and have it get all stale and moldy before I get it sent out or delivered. On the other, I don't like to be running like (any more of a) mad woman that last week before the holiday.

Most of my holiday baking is standard year after year. And it's easy stuff. I also throw in one or two new things each year also. My baked goods get given as gifts mostly. In fact I often have very little if anything left for my own consumption, which is stupid because I make stuff I like and probably the people I give it to don't like! But, oh well, it's how I celebrate. And I'mma gonna share it wit y'all here!

Any other tid bits of help I can come up with I will also add. But honestly, I don't have any nuggets of knowledge or efficiency that no one else possesses. Mostly its, "Don't wait until the last minute, people!!" And "Do only what you enjoy and enjoy what you do." If you hate doing Christmas cards, don't do them! Simple. If you enjoy decorating a tree but don't have or want one of your own, ask to be invited to a friend or family's place to participate in the event. Mostly I believe in creating your own holiday to enjoy. Don't think you have to do everything perfect the way everyone else does so we all have the same cookie-cutter, 1950s style traditional Christmas. That causes stress and resentment. If a fun holiday to you means eating a pizza while you watch old Godzilla movies----have fun! If it means traditional egg nog and carols around the family piano---go crazy!

I'm kind of a traditional gal who likes things low key. So my traditional baking has to be easy ....but LOOK fancy! I'll share all I know here. If anyone has any special tips or tricks they use to make the holidays easier, I encourage the participation.

Now, go enjoy yourself before it gets too hectic...

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